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NuTrack Digestive Support

Animal Element's NuTrack is a source of nutrients that provide the proper levels of beneficial digestive bacteria to assist with the operation of your animal's digestive system. NuTrack is one of the most-concentrated, high-quality digestive direct-fed microbial, yeast cultures, and enzymes product on the market. NuTrack is a digestive aid for all stages of your animals' lives. Certified Organic; non-GMO.

1/2 ounce per 250 Lbs. for smaller livestock & horses.
1 tsp per 25 Lbs. for small animals like dogs, birds, or cats.
2 ounces per day for 800-1200 Lb. animals; double the dosage for draft type horses.

Servings per Bag (days) Price
3 Lb. Bag: 24 Servings (Up to 24 Days) $50
12 Lb. Bag: 96 Servings (Up to 96 Days) $115
24 Lb. Pail: 192 Servings (Up to 192 Days) $200
48 Lb. Pail: 384 Servings (Up to 384 Days) $380