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Top Quality Horse Supplements That Yield Top Quality Results

The Most Effective Horse Supplements on the Market

You’re tired of supplements that don’t work. Your horse is too.

Just like every great equine athlete needs a good foundation, every healthy horse needs a solid nutritional foundation. 

Watch your horse go from sub par to thriving in 3 simple steps:


Get your horse’s nutritional foundation on track

Foundation Daily Detox + good quality hay and 24/7 forage allows a horse’s body to reset and function how it was designed.


NuTrack- daily gut support: amino acids for horses

Health starts or stops in the gut. If your horse’s gut is unhappy, it will affect its disposition and performance


See and feel a difference in your horse’s attitude and performance

Watch your horse feel better and get better use of their feed.


Notice a difference quicker.

No more “wait 60 days and hope to see a difference”.
Most Animal Element users notice a difference in 2 weeks.

R. L.

I heard about Animal Element through Anna Christine Barker I’ve been watching all of her horses’ transformations for quite some time now. I decided to start one of our head horses on it to help his top line. He is 18 years old and in just over 2 months being on it he looks better than he ever has! One month ago I bought a 2 year old that was in pretty rough shape. So I put him on Animal Element and in just one month he looks like a completely new animal. I’m beyond happy with this product and recommend it to everyone! Thank you Animal Element for helping my horses!

R. I.

We love love Product X this old yellow horse is 23 years old this year. We started him on it this spring. He is currently running 1D local times. And this year running about .5 faster than he ever has. He looks and feels amazing! I could scream from the rooftops Product X is the real deal. I have tried a lot of products never had anything comparable to Product X. IT WORKS. PERIOD!

Foundation Daily Detox + NuTrack = The ingredients for every great success story

Foundation Daily Detox

Sets your horse up for a lifetime of health and soundness. Daily defense from toxins + the vitamins and minerals needed to thrive


Get and keep a healthy, happy digestive tract and help your horse absorb more nutrients from their food and supplements.

“We had to feed 30% less grain when we started our horses on FDD and NuTrack. They made so much better use of their food!” —Mark

Built with power-packed superfood ingredients

  • Turmeric
  • Zeolite
  • Spirulina
  • Organic Kelp

You can keep wasting money and time with every supplement on the market, wondering why your horse just isn’t achieving their full potential, or you can build their nutrition right from the ground up.

Got Questions?

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