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About Animal Element

About Animal Element

From the beginning, Animal Element has been about providing top-quality, all-natural supplements that actually make a difference for your horse and pets. 

Using natural ingredients without fillers or preservatives, Animal Element provides products that are designed to help the whole animal, not just mask symptoms.

When Andy Dressler and Mark Kaylor first encountered Animal Element and saw what their products could do for their nervous racehorse, they had no idea what a fun journey it would be. 

After falling in love with the products themselves, the Dressler family made the decision to buy the company. 

So in 2018, Andy Dressler purchased Animal Element, determined to get these products in the hands of as many horse owners as possible so that they could help as many horses as possible. 

Andy jokes, “I loved the products so much that I bought the company.”

Today, Animal Element monitors every step of the sourcing and manufacturing its products to ensure that only the highest quality products wear their label. 

The hope and heart of Animal Element is that you would find the best quality products on the market to help your horse (and dog) feel and perform their very best. 

Whether your horse’s job is racing down the track, cutting a cow, dragging a calf to the branding fire, or simply meeting you at the gate with a nicker and a nuzzle, Animal Element wants them to feel and perform their best.