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In the Zone- The Calming Paste That Started It All

Last updated on March 20, 2023

AQHA racehorse, Easily a Smash Hit, running and winning a race after finding best calming paste.
Wearing the teal colors, Mark on Easily A Smash Hit during a race.

Racehorses are known for their speed, excitement, and their often fun personalities. They are NOT usually known for being calm. Bred to run and run fast, many of them are naturally more hot-natured than their cow-horse bred counterparts.

AQHA racehorse, Easily a Smash Hit, or “Smash” as they called him, was even more nervous and hot-natured than average. When Mark Kaylor, a former trainer, would race Smash, he would sit in the stall with him until it was time to race. Easily a Smash Hit ran his stall the whole time, “acting like an orangutan.” This exhausted and stressed him out right before the race, so he was not able to compete at his potential. Mark and his family often joked that “Smash ran his race before the race.”

So to prevent that, Mark would sit in the stall all day, holding Smash’s halter loosely and soothing him when he’d start to get anxious. In fact, Smash got so bad to haul, Mark quit racing him even though he had many more years of competition left in him. Obviously, that wasn’t optimal for anyone, so Mark started looking for a product to help. 

A Calming Paste to Soothe the Nerves

A tube of In The Zone calming paste with 3 of the ingredients

Enter In the Zone, a calming paste that helps relax high-strung horses and reduces their jitters during travel, competitions, or other stressful situations. In the Zone works by coating a horse’s stomach and reducing stomach acids, getting rid of the nervousness “butterfly” feeling that makes them feel anxious. In the Zone calming paste contains soothing, nutrient-rich ingredients like aloe vera, spirulina, and coconut oil. These ingredients promote a healthy digestive system and overall mind/body balance. Unlike many calming pastes, it doesn’t affect a horse’s adrenaline or energy levels. Especially nervous horses can safely take a higher dose more frequently to help keep them calm and competition ready. Horses that travel a lot are recommended to have a fourth of a tube before loading up and another fourth of a tube about halfway through the journey. This helps them rest and relax in the trailer. 

Relaxed and Ready to Run

And what about Smash? In the Zone took him from “acting like an orangutan” to walking to the back of his stall and sleeping until race time. Mark was so shocked that Smash was so calm he thought, “oh no, did we break him?” He was simply relaxed enough to truly run his best race. And guess what? He won! In fact, Easily a Smash Hit, won the next three races that he entered!

Interesting fact: horses get the butterfly feeling in their stomach when they're nervous too!

After adding in the products Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack, they saw the FULL transforming power of Animal Element products. In fact, Mark was so impressed that he is now the sales manager for the company! Animal Element continues to create and sell high-quality products that let your animals obtain their best health and top potential. 

In the Zone is calming paste that is safe for all horses, performance and non-performance, with noticeable results! Go to the shop page to order your Animal Element products, or just call Mark directly at 509-301-1798 and ask him all the questions!

A "did you know? graphic with a lightbulb saying that nervous horses can take a higher dose of In The Zone calming paste

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