In The Zone


Star Ingredients:

  • Aloe vera gel- soothes the digestive system, boosts immune support, and has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Calcium bentonite- draws toxins out of the body
  • Fenugreek- eases fussiness and improves moods, as well as soothes the digestive system
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In The Zone is a calming supplement for horses that works by coating the lining of the stomach, easing any upset that excess acids cause during travel or stressful situations. The all-natural ingredients are especially formulated to keep fractious minded, young, nervous or hot horses calm and focused. Because there are no additives, and it doesn’t affect their adrenaline or energy levels, In The Zone paste is the best calming supplement for horses, giving them a calm, clear mind and healthy belly.

A Proprietary Blend of These Ingredients:
Aloe Vera, Calcium bentonite, Apple cider vinegar, Coconut oil (unrefined), Sodium chloride, Shilajit, Rose hips, Spirulina, Fenugreek, Raspberry leaf powder and Mixed tocopherols (as preservative).

For gate issues, nervous behavior, and pawing: give 20cc 1-2 hours out from riding.
For young horses when first hauling: give 20cc before loading in the trailer, 20cc when you arrive, and 20cc 2-3 times a day while at the event. This will maintain the gut and reduce stress on the young horse.
For reduction in feed or water: give 40cc then 4-6 hours later give another 40cc.
Can be given on race day to assist with digestive issues. WILL NOT TEST.
Maintenance dose: 20cc two times per day.


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80cc Syringe ($28), 80cc Syringe ($300, Case of 12)