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My horses look better and they seem to stay healthy and sound.
March 3, 2021

I been using Detox for the two years I been training race horses. I love 
this product! My horses look better and they seem to stay healthy and sound. The last year or so I added the NuTrack and this product has made my horses happier and they been eating better. I have also used the In The Zone paste on some nervous “hot” horses and it worked wonders. They were more relaxed and focused. I will keep using these products from now on. Happy horses give better results!

I have noticed a big change in her body and her mind.
May 30, 2020

This is Mini she is a 16 year old American Quarter horse mare. I have had her on Animal Element Detox and Mare-Aculous for four years. I have noticed a big change in her body and her mind. About seven years ago she had a terrible accident on a trail ride and she has arthritis in her knee. With this supplement she has never been better. I have not been able to barrel race for years. Only until after I put her on the Detox she feels like her old self again. I would recommend using the Detox to all of my horse friends.

? Thank you!

Oh my gosh what a difference!
May 28, 2020

I have been using Detox for about 4 years. I started with giving it only to my completion horse to see how it worked. Oh my gosh what a difference! The focus and response was amazing. Having a horse that has a blind spot one eye he would get nervous and would not stay focused. The focus, calmness and response I got after starting with the Detox was amazing. When you can take that kind of horse to a competition and take fastest time of the day in 2 of the 5 events that says a lot. Not just any event, events we had never even seen let alone practice except by tracing it with your finger prior to running it. Jet never had any real muscle definition either but he does now. I learned about the Benefits of NuTrack a couple year ago and now feed it as well. what a winning combination! Now all 4 of my horses are on both the Detox and NuTrack. I have never found a more winning combination. Absolutely love these products.

Before Detox he was nervous about shoes on her.
May 26, 2020

I’ve used Animal Element Detox for a year. The biggest area of success I had is with my horse’s feet. Last summer we had a hard time keeping shoes on her and her feet grew very slowly. At the end of the first summer my farrier complimented her feet stating they look a lot better and were growing more. Before Detox he was nervous about shoes on her. This spring is the first time she has kept her shoes on for the whole 6 weeks! Her feet look a lot better!

After 6 weeks she looks totally different.
May 26, 2020

Lola did not handle the winter very well. She was looking pretty thin when we brought her home from pasture. First thing we did was put her on Animal Element Foundation Detox and alfalfa. A week later, we also put her on NuTrack. Two weeks after she came home, we had her teeth done, turns out, she lost a tooth and it was causing her problems with chewing. She’s also been a horse that we’ve struggled with her top line. The change in her condition is incredible. She feels great and after 6 weeks she looks totally different.

I definitely won’t be taking him off Foundation Detox anytime soon.
May 26, 2020

I’ve been using Animal Element Foundation Detox for about 2 years now. I’ve absolutely loved the results, but I started college last fall and didn’t take my horse with me, so he was out in pasture. In January, I brought him back to school with me. Because I boarded him at a facility where I was not the person doing chores, I decided not to put him back on Foundation Detox because I didn’t want to be that high maintenance boarder. I brought him back home with me for spring break and my mom pointed out that he was looking thin. Then I found out that the second half of the semester was going to be online, so I would be home. So, I started him back on Animal Element and the results are amazing. He looks so much better than when I brought him home. I definitely won’t be taking him off Foundation Detox anytime soon.

Definitely a staple in my barn.
May 23, 2020

Animal Element is such a cool product. I’ve used the Detox on multiple horses that had lots of creeks ’n pops in joints even after injections and maintenance. After a few weeks of being on the Animal Element Detox all the creeks ’n pops were gone, so I know it has played an integral part in keeping my horses sound and keeping their immune system up so they don’t ever get sick hauling and working hard. I’ve started a 3 year old on the Detox and Immune Key to kick a persistent cough with great success as well. I’ve tried many products over the years and this one has really worked and helped. No fillers and it’s all natural. ? Definitely a staple in my barn.

I could scream from the rooftops Product X is the real deal.
May 22, 2020

We love love Product X this old yellow horse is 23 years old this year. We started him on it this spring. He is currently running 1D local times. And this year running about .5 faster than he ever has. He looks and feels amazing! I could scream from the rooftops Product X is the real deal. I have tried a lot of products never had anything comparable to Product X. IT WORKS. PERIOD!

She did a complete 180°
May 22, 2020

I used Mare-Aculous on my appaloosa mare beauty about a year and a half ago. Before using this product she would be aggressive, charge at me, and nip at me and my geldings most of the time. However, after using a bag of the product she did a complete 180. She has mellowed out so much over the last year or so and it is INCREDIBLE! If I had to recommend any product for a “moody mare” owner this would be it. Now I can happily say that I do not have a moody mare… unless she doesn’t get fed on time! ?

A whole new level of barrel racing!
May 22, 2020

I saw my mom uses this stuff on her two horses and I was struggling to find a good supplement for my horse. He is a big boy so I take extra care of him. I approached a good friend of mine, Michelle Stobbe, that I barrel race with, and talked to her about how I have some concerns about my horse. He is super itchy so his face will lose hair in spots, I worry about his joints since he is a very big powerful horse and also his gut since I know he can get very nervous and I’m always worried about my horse getting ulcers. So Michelle told me about Animal Element Foundation Detox and how great this product is and how it will help my horse and she was right—a total game changer! I took before and after photos on him and he has more muscle definition and he performed a lot better. A whole new level of barrel racing! He ran his best ever during our winter series. I believe he focuses better because he would want to just run and not know where he is going but now I can trust him more to think clearly and that’s why he will perform his best. I stand behind this product and cannot thank Michelle enough for showing me this amazing product and how to keep him on this for his overall health.

He looks way better, acts happier, and is even working better.
May 19, 2020

I began using Foundation Detox back in 2019. I had a 2lb bag and I was skeptical. It was kind of pricey and I was just hoping it would work. I first used it on my 9 year old paint that I have bred and trained myself. I had waited ’til around show season to start him on it. When we began running on it he had already started to feel like a different horse. He felt stronger and overall happier. During the show season there would be days he would have these hive looking bumps but they never bothered him or itched and usually came out when he would sweat. I had discussed it with someone and they said it was probably the Foundation Detox actually detoxing the bad toxins. That show season he was a monster at barrel racing. He had claimed 5 buckles! After this summer I had told myself he would stay on the Detox. I take him off during the winter along with his grain because he can get really heavy in size and plus he’s not running. Now I had just re bought the Foundation Detox back in March. Over the winter he actually sustained a small injury to the stifle which caused him to lose weight and about 75% of his muscle. Now when I began using the Foundation Detox it was about a week and I had already seen a change in his personality. He was happier. About 3 weeks while doing some light work he began to look more filled out. His top line was filling back out! He’s been on it about 2 months now since I started him back up and he looks way better, acts happier, and is even working better. I swear by this stuff not only because of his performance and his happy personality on it. He also usually takes the longest to shed his coat, and it usually looks very dull. Well since he’s been back on the Detox his coat is shedding out nicely and looks way shinier. I’ve gotten numerous comments about how good he looks! Also he struggles with just solid hooves. They usually chip pretty bad, but on the Detox they are looking so strong and healthy. Like I said I will forever buy this now. I currently buy it through Windy Hills Farm & Leather and she is an amazing rep! I also love Foundation Detox because of the amount of things it also supplies my horse. It’s not just a one thing kind of supplement, it supports multiple functions for the horse! Animal Element has done a great job on this product and I love how it’s all natural! Thanks Animal Element!! I would love to try more products by you guys as I’ve only used the Foundation Detox. ?

I have no complaints.
May 19, 2020

I’ve been using Animal Element Detox for over a year. My little Perlino Daisy always looked gaunt and ribby with a pencil neck, and has had many stomach troubles. One of the ladies at my barn turned me on to this product—Dani Howard—and I figured why the heck not since her horse looks AMAZING. It only took about 30 days for her to feel better and for me to see a physical difference in her. She’s now filled in and rounded out. She looks and feels great all the time. I also feed the Detox and Cissus to my senior mare who’s never looked or felt better. I have no complaints and recommend the Detox to everyone.

I will always have these products in my feed regimen.
May 19, 2020

I heard about Animal Element from a friend when I adopted a BLM mustang. She was gentle but not broke, so while working on training she needed an extra boost to help get her body condition to where it should be, especially with just transitioning to eating grain. Her top line filled in so quickly after starting, and her attitude was much better. Now I have a 7 year old rescue mare who was bred at age 2 and put to auction at 3, she is a bit of a confirmational mess, but the Detox really helps her tooling stay in great shape. She also seems more comfortable while on the Detox with her heat cycles and is much more relaxed without being lethargic. I absolutely love the Detox, and after seeing amazing results with 2 horses, I will always have these products in my feed regimen. Thank you for all the hard work and research you have done to make your products the best on the market!

Best Supplement EVER!
May 19, 2020

I have used animal element for about a year and a half now. Was started from a wonderful lady, Jamie Kyle! I have never seen a bigger change in my horses, performance-wise. They all look fat slick and shiny 24-7, and I have no concerns that they are not getting everything they need! It is not too expensive and the horses crave it by the fifth feeding! Everything gets it from my week old foal to my best barrel horses. I use Foundation Detox on everything as a base. Then add on depending on the horse. Best Supplement EVER! I have got many people on the band wagon with all the same results! It works!

He looks like a completely new animal.
May 19, 2020

I heard about Animal Element through Anna Christine Barker I’ve been watching all of her horses’ transformations for quite some time now. I decided to start one of our head horses on it to help his top line. He is 18 years old and in just over 2 months being on it he looks better than he ever has! One month ago I bought a 2 year old that was in pretty rough shape. So I put him on Animal Element and in just one month he looks like a completely new animal. I’m beyond happy with this product and recommend it to everyone! Thank you Animal Element for helping my horses!

It is a proven product!
May 19, 2020

Watching Anna Christine Barker use Animal Element on her horses, their overall improvement was amazing—from the shiny coat to just the way they performed. I have tried it and loved the results! It is a proven product! With the combination of the Detox and NuTrack, they have improved my horse’s weight and athletic ability. I got off it and regret it but I’m ready to get back to using this product again!

Their coats are so shiny and muscle tone and overall look and health gets compliments constantly!
May 19, 2020

Love these products! Love the service, I barely turn around and products are on my porch. We have 3 totally different horses with 3 totally different body types and needs. And these products are doing the job for them all! Our 21 year old paint mare has lost her cresty hard neck, she is getting limited turn out for the first time in years, her pit belly is gone! She gets magnesium once daily, Foundation Daily Detox, and NuTrack. Our purebred Arabian and our half Arabian have different issues. Both get the magnesium twice a day for anxiety and calming, Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack recommended doses. Both have had ulcers issues, dull coats, and the purebred could get a belly. They look and feel amazing! Our chestnut is turning more liver chestnut colored and my Gruella is staying dark and not bleaching out! Their coats are so shiny and muscle tone and overall look and health gets compliments constantly!

She put weight on, and looks great for an old lady.
May 18, 2020

My 26 year old mare is a hard keeper. She suffers from ulcers and frequently goes off her feed. After starting her on the Foundation Detox we have not had an ulcer flare up which required vet care—for nearly a 18 months now. She put weight on, and looks great for an old lady.
A year ago after an accident which resulted in a crippling injury to her already arthritic stifle we started her on the Cissus in hopes of aiding the recovery. At 26 years old, she will never be completely sound again but she is now walking mostly limp free and comfortable enough to kick up her heels occasionally.

There are many things I love about it.
May 17, 2020

I absolutely love Animal Element, and my horses love it even more! It is comforting to know that I give my horses what they need to perform at their best and to feel good while doing it. It is evident that this company has put a great amount of research both into making their products and into our equine athletes. My favorite thing about this company’s products is that they use 100% natural ingredients. I think this is so cool because God’s creation is really being utilized in ensuring our horses’ health. I really like Foundation Daily Detox. There are many things I love about it. I love that it provides gastric support, joint support, hoof support, mental support, and so much more. I have a 20 year old horse that I give the Detox supplement to, and I am still able to compete on him because of it. This supplement has really been a wonderful thing and a game changer because this horse had so many issues when we first got him. He had extreme mental issues and some health issues as well. A mentor who is a world champion barrel racer recommended it to me, and I marvel at the changes this supplement has made for his health, mind, and performance. I also marvel at the fact that he doesn’t look like he is 20, and I give all the credit to Animal Element. I give this supplement to all of my performance horses, but this is my favorite story because I never thought the changes made could be possible. ? It is a blessing to be able to give my equine athletes a natural supplement that gives them what they need to work their best and feel their best.

Both horses had amazing transformations.
May 17, 2020

We saw an ad for a 2 year old paint pony for sale and went to look. The lady had saved her and her dam from a bad situation. We ended up buying both. The 2 year old was very small and very thin. Her winter hair hides just how bad it was. I have pictures of the day we got her and about 30 days later. I was making my own feed and Animal Element Detox was a part of it. I was very impressed with the results. Both horses had amazing transformations.

Everybody that sees her now can’t believe the change!
May 14, 2020

My mare was dull, nervous, easily agitated, wasn’t holding weight, her color was washed out. When I started her on Animal Element Detox everything changed. She became happier, less nervous. Her coat shines now. She even changed color! She went from a washed out light palomino to a dark chocolate beauty! Everybody that sees her now can’t believe the change!

The changes are unbelievable.
May 14, 2020

I have a 36 year old mare that I’ve had for almost all her life. Two years ago I almost made that hard choice to put her down. She wouldn’t eat; she was stiff and sore; I couldn’t keep weight on her; she was acting lethargic and not engaging with me at all. Her coat wasn’t shedding out well and she looked really flat. I asked about feed options for seniors and my rep came out immediately. We started her on Detox and NuTrack and the changes are unbelievable. Literally life saving. I’d recommend this to anyone, I already have! I also use it on all my rescue horses, the changes in 14–30 days are amazing.

♥️ Thank you!
May 14, 2020

I have the definition of a hard keeper. Itchy skin and has never held his weight in his top line. I had heard so many good things about Animal Element, so I decided to give it a shot! He is 18, gets Triple Crown Senior, and free feeding off a coastal round bale since there isn’t much grass with no rain. I added in Animal Element Detox and saw amazing results in a couple weeks! ♥️ Thank you!

Seriously the best product I have come across!
May 14, 2020

I have used animal element for a year now! Seriously the best product I have come across! Fast, noticeable results! I used Animal Element Detox, NuTrack and Product X. My mare improved her time in the barrel pen; more focused; beautiful shiny coat! I have energy when I need it and she doesn’t get hot! I have a pony I use the same products on, she couldn’t gain weight after her foal. After a couple months she filled out and is such a nice looking pony! I recommend this product to everyone! It’s great for performance, overall health and supplement.

I have tried other products before … and I would not change a thing!
May 14, 2020

I started my 21 year old barrel horse on Animal element Detox in 2017. He went from running in the 4D at big races and 3D at smaller races to running in the 1D at smaller races and 2D at the bigger races at the age of 18 when I first bought him. The difference Animal Element Detox made was amazing. And then adding Product X was the game changer for him…I have tried other products before I started with Detox and I would not change a thing. Detox is an amazing product!

She licked the bucket clean!
May 14, 2020

I have been using Animal Element Foundation Daily for a couple years on my other horses. So when I picked Jane up 8 months ago she was under weight; bad feet; no want to do much of anything. I knew that I had to try Animal Element on her. So right away I put her on Animal Element Foudation Daily—she licked the bucket clean every day, and still to this day! She is starting to grow a healthy hoof and she looks amazing! She is full of life and so much fun to ride!

Her coat shines and she has mellowed out
May 14, 2020

I have a 9 year old appendix mare I got last year. The only thing we changed when we got her was putting her on Animal elements Detox and NuTrack. She looks so much better. Her coat shines and she has mellowed out. She does not try to bite me anymore when I cinch her up and is overall a ton happier. I use these products on all my horses and I love how my horses look and act on them.

I love this product.
May 14, 2020

I have used Animal Element Detox for several years and have never had anything but great results. From topping off a top line to calming one down—even weight gain and hoof growth. I love this product. I currently have 6 horses on it, and recommend it to everyone who asks about a supplement.

Starting to look much better!
May 14, 2020

Let’s talk hard keepers.

Now—I want to be clear—he was on unlimited good quality alfalfa in a pen with only two other horses before we got him, and he was content being low man on the totem pole. Every other horse on their property looked great. He just is not a food motivated horse. He seemed happy, content, and didn’t act like a “hungry” horse.

We took him home, gave him his own pen, and kept him on unlimited alfalfa hay. As much as he wanted, he got. Quality forage is so important! I started him right away on Animal Element Foundation Detox (total body supplement) and NuTrack (extra digestive aid). I fed just the powder free choice in his feeder for a week and a half.

After about a week and a half, we added Purina Impact grain (worked our way up to 1lb a day), added Animal Element Body Boost (it has amino acids like Lysine), and continued with the Detox and NuTrack.

Needless to say, this hard keeper has an increased appetite, is filling out nice (especially along his topline), and is starting to look much better!

Animal Element Foundation Detox supplement with joint support is an awesome total body supplement that assists with coat, skin, and hoof condition, it assists with increasing muscle definition, it assists with their gut function, it assists with kidney and liver function, it helps them fill out through their top line, and more.

I’ve been using it for over six years now and have been a dealer for five years. It is made with human grade ingredients, zero fillers, and is less than $1/day.

I love it most for its top line fills, appetite stimulation, and overall health!
May 14, 2020

I have been feeding Detox to not only my race mare but my riding horses as well and I have nothing but good things to say about it. It is easy to feed and the horses love it. You can feed it to horses of all ages. Though it does many good things I love it most for its top line fills, appetite stimulation, and overall health! You guys need to try this it’s great stuff…get in contact with Mark Kaylor on Facebook…great guy!

I have two horses on it now and soon a third one.
May 11, 2020

I started buying your product a couple years back. Started my TB mare on it. She was a hard keeper and her top line was poor. Somehow I came across an ad about Animal Element. Shari Kennedy advertised for it. I was very skeptical but I tried anyway. Well, I am glad I did! I have two horses on it now and soon a third one. Detox is great! I also use Boost. I got a couple of friends hooked on it too. ? Thank you for such great products!