Foundation Daily Detox® with Joint Support


Star Ingredients: 

  • Diatomaceous Earth- Fossilized diatoms (a type of algae with a hard shell) ground down to fine, white powder well known to help control internal and external parasites
  • Organic Kelp- a type of seaweed rich in nutrients and trace minerals, especially iodine, which improves thyroid function.
  • Zeolite- a mineral that has powerful detoxification properties and cleanses toxins and heavy metals from the body
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Animal Element Foundation Detox® with Joint Support is a safe and effective way to detox your horse of any of the harmful chemicals they pick up daily from food, water, or their environment. Horses store all those toxins in their toplines, creating sore backs and poor topline appearance. Unlike most horse supplements, Foundation Daily Detox attacks the problem of a poor topline, not just patches over it. Packed full of the highest quality, non-GMO ingredients, this horse detox promotes overall well-being from the ground up. You will see a shinier coat and hooves, more muscle definition, fuller toplines, and increased joint mobility in your pets, along with added vitality and health. Foundation Daily Detox® is the baseline of the Animal Element program and is formulated for daily use over the lifetime of the animal. No fillers; non-GMO.

A Proprietary Blend of These Ingredients:
Zeolite, Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Spirulina, Organic Kelp, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Red Raspberry Leaf, Organic Hawthorn Leaf and Flower, Fenugreek, Organic Turmeric, and Hyaluronic Acid. No Inactive Ingredients!

Loading Dose: 2 scoops twice a day until you see a physical change in your animal.
Maintenance Dose: 1 scoop twice a day for the lifetime of your animal in order to maintain optimal health.

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2 Lb. ($50, 34 days), 7 Lb. ($140, 121 days), 12 Lb. ($200, 209 days), 25 Lb. ($390, 435 days), 50 Lb. ($725, 862 days)