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Horse detox? Is It Really Necessary to Detox My Horse, and How Do I Do It?

Last updated on October 11, 2023

Horse standing by fence looking much healthier after horse detox

Do I Really Need to Detox My Horse?

A horse in the orange sunset

The word “detox” seems to have become a health buzzword recently, but research is showing that its actually pretty important for overall health. As humans, it makes sense: we are nearly constantly taking in heavy metal toxins through our food, the air we breathe, water, and cleaning products, among other things. But you may not think that your horse needs to detox since they live a pretty simple life without coming into contact with potentially toxic things that we humans do. I mean, they eat hay and maybe some grain for goodness sake, right?

But that’s where you’re wrong. Surprisingly, horses actually take in quite a bit of toxins. They are exposed to toxins from their food and water sources just like we are! The fertilizers used on the forage they’re eating, any additives or fertilizers in their grain supplements, or in their pasture. Fly sprays and other insect repellents – even some of their grooming products – all add to the toxin overload. 

Why Do Horses Need to Detox?

Woman riding a barrel horse with text to the left about why detoxing your horse is important

Horses store many of their toxins along their spinal column, causing sore backs, poor toplines, and in sometimes even cinchyness. We at Animal Element suspect that about 80% of horses with back issues, even those receiving great chiropractic care, are actually sore because of toxin buildup. Once those toxins are flushed, horses tend to hold adjustments longer and are in less pain. Being free of heavy metal toxins also allows the body to do what it needs to do in all areas, and many chronic problems begin to disappear. Detoxing improves the circulatory system and allows blood to flow better, which is key to performance, stamina, and recovery.   

Customers report that horses on Foundation Daily Detox have amazing toplines, are fuller over the withers, and have a better overall body score. Oftentimes, a horse’s hair quality improves, and a new (or renewed) luster returns to their coat.

Now You Know That Horse Detox is Necessary, What Next?

Okay, so now that you know your horse needs detoxification: what next? First step is to get your horse on Animal Element’s Foundation Daily Detox. This powerful, all-natural daily supplement has the ability to flush toxins out of your horse’s body and restore their health. The key ingredient in Foundation Daily Detox is zeolite. This mineral clay is ground to a negatively charged fine powder, attaches to the positively charged toxic metals and flushes them out of the system. Diatomaceous earth is another key component of Foundation Daily Detox. It is powdered marine fossils high in trace minerals, some that are only found in diatoms. Diatomaceous earth is also a well-known natural insecticide and dewormer.

Image of Animal Element's Foundation Daily Detox with benefits of it written across the image.

Detoxing daily allows your horse’s system to stay clean and toxin-free, without causing any damage. Foundation Daily Detox is made with naturally occurring ingredients that take care of what they’re supposed to and flush out the extra. No buildup, no complications, and no side effects. There is zero risk and all the reward. Order Foundation Daily Detox here or contact sales manager, Mark Kaylor at (509) 301-1798, to learn more about how Foundation Daily Detox can benefit your horse! 

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