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These 5 Tips For a Successful Year With Your Horse!

Last updated on February 28, 2024

5 Tips For a Successful Year With Your Horse!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2024 is here and it’s time to start planning a successful year from the back of your horse! Don’t worry, there’s no pressure, we just came up with a few pointers to help you prepare and ROCK your goals and aspirations. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Let’s Have Our Most Successful Year Yet!

1. Define what success looks like for you and your horse program this year

  • Does it look like X amount of events entered? A certain amount of money won? Maybe it looks like finding the next right prospect and getting them to a certain point in their training.
  • Even if success looks like riding just a few more days per month than you rode last year, that’s fine. Nobody can define success for you and your horses except you.

2. Create a budget for regular expenses 

  • Knowing regular expenses ahead of time allows you to plan better and be less likely to skip appointments or suffer elsewhere in your budget. 
  • Think about deworming, feed, supplements, and regular vet visits, along with entry fees for any events you plan on competing in this year.

3. Set realistic goals for yourself and your horse

  • Not every horse is a “barn burner” and that’s ok! Knowing your horse and yourself as a rider is the first step to improving- and ultimately- reaching your peak success with that horse.

4. Hire a trainer or plan to attend a clinic

  • Often, we don’t see our own weaknesses. Even if you walk away from a clinic or a lesson with only one pointer, that is probably money well spent. If you as a rider and horseman can continually improve, you can pass that knowledge on to every horse that you train in your lifetime. 
  • If you’ve been feeling “stuck” with your riding/training, getting outside help could be a good way to get out of that rut.

5. Plan out major events that you want to attend

  • Even elite human athletes are not in their peak physical condition all year. They allow their bodies seasons of less extreme training and periods of rest. 
  • If you know ahead of time that you want your horse to be in peak physical condition for an event in August, then you can plan their training regime accordingly. 

A Successful Year Means You Need a Healthy Horse!

January is a time for goal-setting and planning for the upcoming year. These 5 tips will help you achieve a successful 2024 on the back of your horse- HOW EVER success looks like to you! Remember that your achievements in the competition circuit are dependent on your horse’s health, so give them a leg up by feeding Animal Element supplements! Our high-quality, all-natural supplements yield high-quality results, without breaking the bank. Order now straight from our website, or contact the dealer closest to you.