Magnesium Citrate


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  • Magnesium citrate- allows more oxygen into the muscles, thus improving muscle function and performance, as well as increasing recovery time and improving equine nutrition.
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Magnesium citrate plays a key role in equine nutrition, and may be the most important element needed to maintain health. Magnesium citrate is by far the most important mineral, regulating over 325 enzymes in the body and increasing oxygen delivery to muscle tissue. The increased oxygen improves performance and allows human athletes to reach exhaustion later in their exercise routine. Equine magnesium supplements work in the same way, and also promotes muscle building, endurance, and relaxation.

Loading Dose: 2 scoops twice a day for 7 days
Maintenance Dose:1 scoop twice per day

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8 Oz. ($25, 75 days), 4.5 Lb. ($90, 680 days)