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March 8, 2023

I consulted Jamie Kyle about the Animal Element products when I started working on a horse that had a severe case of stomach ulcers. He presented to my vet clinic for colic like symptoms and was hospitalized. Over the next two weeks, he completely stopped eating and started to lose massive amounts of weight and muscle. The owner saw the 5yo racehorse as a lost cause, so I agreed to take him home. I turned him out on pasture and started him on oats and alfalfa for additional calories. His appetite was poor and he was weak. I reached out to Jamie, who discussed this case with her boss. They knew which combination of supplements to start him on right away. The racehorse was also withdrawing from Clenbuterol, which was administered to him on the racetrack. After one week of starting Foundation Detox, NuTrack, and Immune Key, he finally started eating better. Jamie had explained to me from the start that he was going to get “addicted” to it; and in about two weeks he was finishing his oat/supplement combination. As a veterinarian, I am a skeptic about supplements. Mostly because I have seen what they can do as far as harm goes if they are used improperly. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly my horse started to gain weight, and thrive. In 3 months time, he was nearly back to a normal body condition. I will definitely reach out to the Animal Element team in the future for my animal supplement nutrition needs.