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How Animal Element Can Help Manage Arthritis in Dogs

Last updated on February 28, 2024

How Animal Element Can Help Manage Arthritis in Dogs


Arthritis in dogs is just as big of a problem as it is in horses, with 80% of dogs over 8 suffering from it. [1]  It can be caused by aging, injury, genetics, or a combination of all three and affects all breeds and mixes. The American Kennel Club describes arthritis like this: “In a healthy joint, cartilage acts as a cushion to allow the joint to move smoothly through its full range of motion. In cases of osteoarthritis, this cartilage cushion begins to break down because of factors such as age, injury, repetitive stress, or disease. The loss of this protective cushion results in pain, inflammation, decreased range of motion, and the development of bone spurs.” [2] Ouch!

Animal Element might be well known for being a horse supplement company, but did you know that some of our products can also be used as dog supplements? Our canine companions need high-quality supplements to support their gut health and joints just as much as our equine partners do. Here are 3 suggestions on how to manage your dog’s arthritis at home, and some of our supplements to use to improve joint health.

3 At-Home Ways to Manage Arthritis in Dogs

1. Keep Inflammation Under Control


Inflammation is the culprit and also a by-product of arthritis. So the number one way to prevent or treat arthritis in dogs is to keep inflammation under control. According to Canine Arthritis Management, “Cartilage within the joint is destroyed and not replaced during the degenerative process of arthritis. The inner lining of the joint capsule becomes inflamed, and the outer fibrous layer becomes thickened and restrictive.” [3] The easiest way to manage inflammation is with a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. [4]
Other ways to reduce inflammation are:
-Being aware of, and avoiding any food allergies
-Properly diagnosing and treating injuries immediately
-Using a joint supplement like our Cissus Quadrangularis to provide pain relief and fight inflammation.

Maintain Your Dog’s Healthy Weight

Being overweight can exacerbate symptoms of arthritis in dogs as well as speed up the cartilage breaking down. [5] Keeping a healthy weight will decrease the stress on your dog’s joints. Less stressed joints mean a lower pain level and an increase in quality of life.
-A healthy diet not only helps with inflammation but also weight management.
-Encourage gentle exercises to help manage weight and also keep the joints and ligaments mobile. 
-Be careful not to push your pet too far, or do too much strenuous exercise. Consistent mindful exercise is more beneficial for dogs with arthritis than no movement at all. 

Focus on Gut Health to Avoid Arthritis in Dogs


Scientific studies are now finding a correlation between poor gut health and inflammation in joints and other areas of the body. It’s hypothesized that if the gut is unhealthy, nutrients are not absorbed sufficiently. This leads to chronic inflammation that can cause a host of problems, including osteoarthritis. To read more about one study focusing on dogs, read this PubMed article from the National Library of Medicine

So since inflammation is a REAL problem for dogs with arthritis, making sure your pup’s gut is healthy and working properly is quite possibly the most important way to prevent or manage arthritis. You can ensure this by using All Creatures Foundation Daily Detox. This supplement flushes all toxins from your dog’s system, allowing their digestive system and all other organs to function properly. 

Thanks to its incredible nutrient-rich ingredients like turmeric, methylsulfonylmethane, and hyaluronic acid, All Creatures Foundation Daily Detox is a joint-friendly supplement that also fights inflammation. It also increases nutrient absorption, and boosts the immune system! One supplement to help with all 3 main ways of managing arthritis in dogs? You can’t go wrong!

Try Animal Element for Your Canine Friend

If you’ve noticed your pooch has slowed down a bit or is showing signs of stiff achy joints, it might be time to take control of their arthritis before it progresses! You can do this by keeping inflammation under control, keeping them at a healthy weight, and making sure their gut is healthy and happy!


All Creatures Foundation Daily Detox is formulated especially for non-equines, and will take care of all 3 of those issues at once! If your dog’s arthritis is a little more advanced, or you know they are genetically disposed to bad joints, adding Cissus Quadrangularis is a great option to increase bone and joint health and help with pain relief. As always, speak to your vet before adding supplements or medications as we ARE NOT MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, just a company that believes in high-quality supplements for all of our animal companions. Order now from our website, or call your local Animal Element dealer!

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