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19-Year-Old Endurance Horse Going Strong on Animal Element Supplements

Last updated on February 28, 2024

19-Year-Old Endurance Horse Going Strong on Animal Element Supplements


Shelley Sutherland, an endurance rider out of Washington, is fairly new to Animal Element. Her farrier originally told her about AE, and after a little research, Shelley called AE owner, Andy to learn more. After an hour-long conversation with him, Shelley placed her first order right then, and there and has been impressed with the results she’s seen in her two American Saddlebreds after only 5 months! 

Product X Helps Endurance Horse Stay in Great Condition

Shelley’s endurance horse, Mr. B Haven is a 19-year-old American Saddlebred and is in the best condition of his life! Shelley has him on Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack Digestive Support daily, and Product X Performance Enhancer about 2 weeks before a race and a week after to help with muscle recovery. After hearing Andy’s story about how In the Zone Calming Paste transformed Smash the racehorse, Shelley decided to try it on Mr. B too, to help calm his pre-race jitters.


(Read how Smash went from bouncing off the stall walls to falling asleep, here)

After using In the Zone for the first time, she noticed he was calm and relaxed around the other horses at the ride camp, and even ate and drank like he would at home. Product X seems to help him pulse down faster, and his stamina is superior to what it was before being on the supplement. 

Industry insight: “pulse down” means that the horse’s pulse returns to a certain rate (set by veterinarians) after a period of exertion. Pulsing down at a faster rate indicates better fitness and less stress. 

Endurance Horses Get Constant Health Checks

During endurance competitions, there is a wellness check for each endurance horse before the ride begins, and is typically the day before and after each ride segment. The vet checks heart rate, hydration levels, gut sounds, jugular refill, and checks for lameness, tack rub issues, and abrasions caused during the endurance competition. Then the horse and rider go off to ride their next loop and come back for another vet check. The pulse needs to drop back to 60 beats per minute within a certain amount of time (usually 30 minutes). Once they clear the checks, there is a 30-minute hold, and then the horse and rider can go back out for another loop.

The last competition Shelley and Mr. B rode in was in Idaho which featured a LOT of elevation changes. They ran two loops for a total of 30 miles. The first segment contained 12 “mountain miles” and they ran it in an hour and 15 minutes! Despite the intense time, Mr. B pulsed down in 3 minutes! Their second loop was 18 miles which they completed in just under 2 hours, riding hard. Because they rode so hard, trotting at speeds of up to 14 mph for SEVEN MILES, it took Mr. B a little longer to pulse down this time, (around 6 minutes). Still, Shelley has been impressed with the rate he pulses down and recovers, and all of his vet checks come back great.

They placed first in that competition, achieved Best in Class for Condition, and finished the course in about 3.5 hours! Not bad for a 19-year-old American Saddlebred endurance horse who’s still rehabbing from a suspensory ligament problem and deep digital tear from 2019!

The best part about Product X is that it truly DOES NOT TEST. The AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference) is the top regulatory presence in endurance riding. They have multiple pages of supplements, vitamins, and minerals that are not allowed in the organization. Shelley’s horse has never tested positive for any of them, even using Product X. It is a truly effective, safe, and legal performance enhancer.

Benefits for Other Performance Horses Too!


Shelley has seen positive results from Animal Element off the endurance competition course too. Her other horse, “Monkey” has a history of ulcers and digestive issues, including a severe choke that required being tubed. He had a bad cribbing and windsucking habit as well. ”I had tried everything on the market…all this different food and supplements that were super expensive, and I didn’t feel like I got any results with him,” Shelley states. But after putting him on NuTrack, she reports that 90% of those issues have disappeared! His flanks have filled out, and he just looks fantastic and is feeling so much better. “This herbal product, Animal Element, is in my opinion, the best stuff I’ve ever come across.” 

We’re Here to Keep Your Endurance Horse Competing

We love to hear it! We’ll be cheering Shelley and Mr. B on here at Animal Element and hope that the 19-year-old boy has many more years of endurance riding in him! If you’re ready to see immediate changes in your horse, head to our website! You can shop our products, read the ENTIRE ingredient list, or find your local dealer. Still unsure? Call or text Mark Kaylor directly at 509-301-1798! 

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