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How Holly Alegria Gets Healthy Horses With Animal Element Products

Last updated on October 4, 2023

How Holly Alegria Gets Healthy Horses With Animal Element Products

Holly runs a training program outside of Casa Grande, Arizona and is an avid user of Animal Element horse supplements. It started years ago when she was looking to purchase a thoroughbred filly for a client. Having a few thoroughbreds herself, Holly knew they aren’t always easy keepers, and was amazed at the seller’s gorgeous, healthy horses! The seller excitedly told Holly about Animal Element and told her she HAD to talk to Mark Kaylor. Holly did just that and soon replaced all her expensive horse supplements with a few Animal Element products, actually saving money in the process! 

Noticeable Difference in Only Two Weeks

Within two weeks, Holly saw a noticeable difference in all her horses, but especially in her thoroughbreds. All three of them, ages 3, 9, and 15 (at the time), had better formed hips and barreled out chests. “My jaw dropped at the changes I saw,” recalls Holly. All of the horses on her property showed obvious signs of improved health like shiny hooves and sleek coats. They were performing better and recovering faster as well, no matter their discipline, age or breed. She had an Arabian that was notorious for colicking at the drop of a hat, and was on a very specific regime of supplements to keep his gut healthy. Once Holly switched him to Animal Element, he stopped colicking! 

Since then, Holly has put every horse on Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack Digestive Support as soon as they step onto her property. She will also use Cissus Quadrangularis regularly, and in the intense Arizona summer heat, her horses get Mineral 201. The concentrated formula of vitamins, minerals and probiotics is used to level the balance of vitamins and minerals in your horse’s diet. This helps promote muscle recovery and combat dehydration, super important in the desert. 

(To learn more about preventing dehydration, read this blog

Healthy Horses Thanks to Animal Element

An Arabian horse standing at a fence, with the sun setting behind him.

About once a year, Holly will rescue and rehabilitate a horse- getting them back to health and laying foundational groundwork. She attributes Animal Element to allowing them to rehabilitate faster and ultimately become healthy horses. They also bounce back from injuries and illnesses quicker than they would on other horse supplements.  Once she finds the right people to adopt the rescued horse, Holly provides 90 days of the Animal Element supplements the horse is on. This gives them the best chance of being healthy and successful at their new home. Holly has seen horses go from nearly crippled to sound and healthy, and has taken horses that absolutely had to be shod to sound and barefoot thanks in part to Animal Element. 

When a bad food source made her entire herd sick and sent 10 horses into colic AT THE SAME TIME, Holly was able to get them back to healthy horses in record time, with the help of FDD and NuTrack. Because these two supplements are packed full of nutrients and amino acids that help create healthy gut microbes, Holly didn’t lose a single horse. And because the ingredients also boost the immune system, her herd was able to quickly kick a case of strangles that hit them at the same time. After that incredibly stressful time, Holly was even more cemented in her belief that Animal Element supplements can be literal lifesavers.

A Believer in Animal Element Horse Supplements

Holly’s passion for Animal Element has turned several clients and even her own brother onto our horse supplements! We have a few more great success stories from Holly that we can’t wait to share. Keep an eye out for those stories in the near future! If you are interested in getting your horses to their best health and performance possible, call us at 877-338-6977. You can also head to our website to find the dealer nearest you!

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