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A whole new level of barrel racing!

Last updated on March 8, 2023

May 22, 2020

I saw my mom uses this stuff on her two horses and I was struggling to find a good supplement for my horse. He is a big boy so I take extra care of him. I approached a good friend of mine, Michelle Stobbe, that I barrel race with, and talked to her about how I have some concerns about my horse. He is super itchy so his face will lose hair in spots, I worry about his joints since he is a very big powerful horse and also his gut since I know he can get very nervous and I’m always worried about my horse getting ulcers. So Michelle told me about Animal Element Foundation Detox and how great this product is and how it will help my horse and she was right—a total game changer! I took before and after photos on him and he has more muscle definition and he performed a lot better. A whole new level of barrel racing! He ran his best ever during our winter series. I believe he focuses better because he would want to just run and not know where he is going but now I can trust him more to think clearly and that’s why he will perform his best. I stand behind this product and cannot thank Michelle enough for showing me this amazing product and how to keep him on this for his overall health.