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He looks way better, acts happier, and is even working better.

Last updated on March 8, 2023

May 19, 2020

I began using Foundation Detox back in 2019. I had a 2lb bag and I was skeptical. It was kind of pricey and I was just hoping it would work. I first used it on my 9 year old paint that I have bred and trained myself. I had waited ’til around show season to start him on it. When we began running on it he had already started to feel like a different horse. He felt stronger and overall happier. During the show season there would be days he would have these hive looking bumps but they never bothered him or itched and usually came out when he would sweat. I had discussed it with someone and they said it was probably the Foundation Detox actually detoxing the bad toxins. That show season he was a monster at barrel racing. He had claimed 5 buckles! After this summer I had told myself he would stay on the Detox. I take him off during the winter along with his grain because he can get really heavy in size and plus he’s not running. Now I had just re bought the Foundation Detox back in March. Over the winter he actually sustained a small injury to the stifle which caused him to lose weight and about 75% of his muscle. Now when I began using the Foundation Detox it was about a week and I had already seen a change in his personality. He was happier. About 3 weeks while doing some light work he began to look more filled out. His top line was filling back out! He’s been on it about 2 months now since I started him back up and he looks way better, acts happier, and is even working better. I swear by this stuff not only because of his performance and his happy personality on it. He also usually takes the longest to shed his coat, and it usually looks very dull. Well since he’s been back on the Detox his coat is shedding out nicely and looks way shinier. I’ve gotten numerous comments about how good he looks! Also he struggles with just solid hooves. They usually chip pretty bad, but on the Detox they are looking so strong and healthy. Like I said I will forever buy this now. I currently buy it through Windy Hills Farm & Leather and she is an amazing rep! I also love Foundation Detox because of the amount of things it also supplies my horse. It’s not just a one thing kind of supplement, it supports multiple functions for the horse! Animal Element has done a great job on this product and I love how it’s all natural! Thanks Animal Element!! I would love to try more products by you guys as I’ve only used the Foundation Detox. ?