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Starting to look much better!

Last updated on August 7, 2020

May 14, 2020

Let’s talk hard keepers.

Now—I want to be clear—he was on unlimited good quality alfalfa in a pen with only two other horses before we got him, and he was content being low man on the totem pole. Every other horse on their property looked great. He just is not a food motivated horse. He seemed happy, content, and didn’t act like a “hungry” horse.

We took him home, gave him his own pen, and kept him on unlimited alfalfa hay. As much as he wanted, he got. Quality forage is so important! I started him right away on Animal Element Foundation Detox (total body supplement) and NuTrack (extra digestive aid). I fed just the powder free choice in his feeder for a week and a half.

After about a week and a half, we added Purina Impact grain (worked our way up to 1lb a day), added Animal Element Body Boost (it has amino acids like Lysine), and continued with the Detox and NuTrack.

Needless to say, this hard keeper has an increased appetite, is filling out nice (especially along his topline), and is starting to look much better!

Animal Element Foundation Detox supplement with joint support is an awesome total body supplement that assists with coat, skin, and hoof condition, it assists with increasing muscle definition, it assists with their gut function, it assists with kidney and liver function, it helps them fill out through their top line, and more.

I’ve been using it for over six years now and have been a dealer for five years. It is made with human grade ingredients, zero fillers, and is less than $1/day.