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Animal Element as Supplements for Dogs- Taya’s Story

Last updated on October 4, 2023

Animal Element as Supplements for Dogs- Taya’s Story

Did you know that Animal Element products aren’t just for horses? They work as supplements for dogs too, with the same great health benefits! When Faith Hanan’s 8 year old miniature Australian Shepherd, Taya, started showing signs of joint pain and allergies, Faith wasn’t really sure how to help her.

She had bred Taya’s mother and raised her herself, so knew there was no genetic issue or injury as the culprit.  There seemed to be no obvious signs for the cause of Taya’s discomfort, or an apparent allergen trigger. She would just start limping randomly, and after a few days of rest and reduced activity, her limp would disappear. Then a few weeks later, the limp would return but oftentimes on a different leg/paw. Besides not allowing her to play with the other dog, and trying to keep her calm as possible, Faith was at a loss on how to prevent the limping and soreness from reoccurring. 

“She doesn’t get any people food or have any other obvious inflammation triggers. I was really thinking that I was going to have to start her on another dog joint supplement I’d used before [with another dog] that really showed limited results, yet was pretty darn expensive.” 

Animal Element as Supplements for Dogs

Luckily for Taya, Faith had started her horses on Foundation Daily Detox and Cissus Quadrangularis a few months back. Amazed by their effectiveness on her horses, she contacted Mark. After asking questions about which Animal Element products to use as supplements for dogs, they figured out the dosage she should give her. Faith started giving the 22 pound mini Aussie one teaspoon of All Creatures Foundation Daily Detox and a half teaspoon of Cissus a night on her dog food. Within SIX DAYS Taya was no longer limping and had an increase of energy. Within a month, her coat was extremely soft and she was very obviously feeling better and more playful. “She’s not wild either,” Faith says about Taya, “she’s energetic and playful but she still listens really well.” 

Another added and unexpected benefit to Taya being on these supplements for dogs is that her allergy cough is now gone too! “She’s always had this, like, allergy type cough. I was never quite sure what it was, but sometimes she’d just randomly cough and act almost like she had to clear her throat. And then she’d cough for a while and be done with it.” Faith could never pinpoint the cause of the cough…if it was a certain food or environmental allergen. But after being on All Creatures, Taya’s cough has all but disappeared and is no longer a consistent thing. Faith attributes this to All Creatures’ detoxing Taya’s system of all toxins and allergens, and reducing inflammation. 

To read more about how and why to detox your animals, read this blog.

Safe and Effective Daily Detox for Optimal Health

Faith started Taya on Animal Element supplements in the winter of 2022, and after just about 6 months Taya is as playful and energetic as ever. Faith reports that Taya is in her best health yet at 8 years old! Taya’s body is toxin free, and all systems are running how they are intended, thanks to All Creatures Foundation Daily Detox. This prevents her immune system from going into hyperdrive and causing allergies symptoms to flare up. The Cissus Quadrangularis is keeping Taya’s joints and bones healthy with its naturally occurring anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. 

To learn more about how Animal Element products can help your horses AND dogs, head to our website or give us a call at 877-338-6977. 

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