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2 Powerful Animal Element Supplements That Turned a Skinny, Cranky Mare Around

Last updated on June 17, 2024

2 Powerful Animal Element Supplements That Turned a Skinny, Cranky Mare Around

When you buy a horse from across the country, it can be a little nerve-racking. But it’s a downright disaster when the horse you actually get looks completely different than the horse you thought you were getting. When the horse hauler unloaded a thin, poor black mare at Jennifer Hecht’s place, he said “This mare is going to need some groceries.” Jennifer knew she was maybe in for a little more “rehab” than she originally planned when buying this mare (now) affectionately called “Nightmare”.  

Jennifer Hecht, a barrel racer out of Colorado, has been using Animal Element supplements for years, so she knew that she had the right tools in her toolbox to help this mare physically. But she didn’t know how much help this mare would need emotionally and mentally. It took about 3 years to nurse her completely back to health, and this April the formerly underweight, unsettled mare had a healthy beautiful filly. She is now a completely different horse…physically and mentally! Jennifer was kind enough to sit down and tell this lucky mare’s story, to spread the word about the power of a few high-quality supplements.


A Mare Named Nightmare

Jennifer immediately put “Nightmare” (registered name My Feleena) on Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack Digestive Support after buying her about 4 years ago. Her physical condition was awful and her behavior was not much better. Distressingly underweight, with prominent ribs showing, Nightmare was lethargic and showed little interest in her environment or the people caring for her. Her coat was dull, she had clear signs of poor gut health (loose stools and struggling to maintain weight). And in her interactions with Jennifer, she acted unsettled. The mare would bite when saddled and refused to engage her hind end when asked- which told Jennifer that this mare was not only skinny but also in a lot of pain. 


Jennifer knew that the mare needed a break from rodeos and barrel races, so she gave her “time to just be a horse.” After being on Animal Element supplements, and given ample time to rest and recover, Nightmare has recovered remarkably. Her energy and vitality have increased, and her coat condition and hoof health have improved. She has much better digestive health with an increase in appetite, good stool consistency, and can maintain a healthy weight. She has a much calmer demeanor with less anxiety and aggression. When Jennifer whistles for her out in the pasture, Nightmare will come running up and return kisses and scratches! Even though it took a long time for trust to be built, Jennifer says that Nightmare has completely blossomed emotionally and is a completely different horse than she was a few years ago.

From Sick to a Thriving Broodmare with Animal Element Supplements

After seeing signs of improving health, Jennifer lightly exercised Nightmare to get her muscles built back up but didn’t do a lot of riding or training. Jennifer has only entered a couple of barrel races with Nightmare in the 4 years that she’s owned her. She noticed there was still some emotional damage that needed to be repaired, although Nightmare’s physical health had improved. At races “she’d just check out,” Jennifer remembers. After winning a breeding to a nice stallion, Jennifer decided to breed Nightmare a little bit earlier than originally planned. In 2023 she bred her to Metal Figure– a Metalic Malice stud out of a daughter of Popular ResortFigure.


Although a little anxious at first, Nightmare became a great broodmare and produced a healthy, gorgeous filly! Jennifer says she is just “muscles on stilts, and I swear it’s because of the Animal Element.” Jennifer plans to wean around 4 or 6 months (depending on how mom and baby are doing) and will slowly start doing work at home to get Nightmare ready for the fall races. She’s hoping they can start entering in September!

Physical & Mental Health Restored with Animal Element

Nightmare continues to get FDD and NuTrack daily and is also on Cissus Quadrangularis to help with joint health. Jennifer uses In The Zone calming paste as needed when hauling, just to help keep the anxiety to a minimum. The night and day difference between the mare she bought 4 years ago and the mare she has now continues to blow her away. From suffering and skinny to an affectionate broodmare, Nightmare might need to have another name change!


If you have a horse that is struggling with health issues, we suggest immediately getting them on both Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack Digestive Support. This power duo helps restore gut health, flush toxins, boost the immune system, and improve body condition for the equivalent of $2 a day! Still unsure? Call Mark at 509-301-1798 to ask all the questions and learn more about how these supplements work. Also, word on the street is that Mark can give you a special discount when you call him directly!

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