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Can What You Feed Actually Help With Fly Control?

Last updated on January 4, 2024

Can What You Feed Actually Help With Fly Control?

We’ve reached the peak of summer, so you know what that means: flies. Flies. FLIES! The bane of every horse, and horse owner’s existence! Go to any feed store, and you’ll see rows and rows of products solely for fly control or eradication. There are numerous types of flies, but they are ALL obnoxious, sometimes painful, and some can even carry parasites and diseases. They add stress to a horse’s life, especially in the summer when it’s already hard to stay comfortable. But flies also go hand in hand with working with horses and livestock. So what can you do about it (short of going full-on chemical warfare)? Feed Animal Element!

Animal Element for Fly Control?

Yep, some of our supplements have been shown to help with fly control because of their ingredients: namely diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth (often referred to as DE) is a powder made from fossilized marine algae called diatoms. It benefits the digestive and immune system but is best known for being an all-natural way to manage flies and parasites- both internal and external. The powder is so fine, it suffocates the larvae before they can mature. If a mature fly is dusted with DE, it will slowly “dry out” and die. [1] Larvae laid in manure that contains DE will struggle to hatch, thus reducing the population. DE also helps fly control by absorbing moisture and smell from soil or manure, reducing the attractiveness of it to flies. It’s a 100% natural, non-toxic, and a highly effective fly deterrent that won’t leave residues or harmful chemicals in its wake.

(To read more about the benefits of diatomaceous earth, read our blog highlighting this ingredient)

Foundation Daily Detox, All-Creatures Daily Detox, Mineral 201, Body Boost, Mare-Aculous, and Product X Performance Enhancer all contain diatomaceous earth in the ingredients. If you are feeding any of these, you may see a reduction in flies and gnats around your stalls or pastures. FDD and Mineral 201 have the largest ratio of DE, and users of both supplements say it helps with fly control. So not only are you giving your horse a health boost by feeding Animal Element, but you’re also helping them combat those pesky flies!

Other Ways to Naturally Manage Flies

Feeding Animal Element, obviously, will not get rid of flies completely. But there are other ways to help reduce those annoying insects without using chemicals. Muck your stalls at least daily, and take manure to a disposal spot as far away as possible from where your horses reside. Keep an eye out for stagnant water, as some flies lay eggs in water, rather than manure. Make sure their drinking water is always fresh as well (for more reasons than just preventing flies). You can use physical barriers against flies as well, like masks, fly sheets, and boots. Installing bird and bat houses near your barn or pasture is another eco-friendly way to help manage the flies. The more insect eating creatures you have on your property the better!

Of course, sometimes using chemical fly sprays is what will work best for your horse. If that’s the case, consider using Foundation Daily Detox to flush your horse’s system of any toxins that have been absorbed. Contact your local AE dealer to order now, or buy straight from our website. If you want more information about how our supplements can help you with fly control, feel free to call us at 877-338-6977.

For more information about the different types of flies, their breeding habits, and potential disease or parasites they carry, we suggest checking out this website from Merck Veterinary Manual.

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