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Diatomaceous Earth in Supplements- The Benefits vs. The Risks

Last updated on April 3, 2023

Diatomaceous Earth is used in two of Animal Element’s best selling supplements: Foundation Daily Detox and All Creatures Foundation Daily Detox. So it must be pretty important right? But what exactly IS Diatomaceous Earth and what benefits does it actually have? We love our horses and want only the best, so trust us- we wouldn’t add anything to our supplements if it could be dangerous to your horse!  In fact, we have every SINGLE ingredient we use listed on our website! Read on to learn more about Diatomaceous Earth and why we use it.

What IS Diatomaceous Earth?

According to The National Pesticide Information Center, “Diatomaceous earth is made from the fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. Their skeletons are made of a natural substance called silica. Over a long period of time, diatoms accumulated in the sediment of rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. Today, silica deposits are mined from these areas.” The tiny fossils are ground down into a very fine, white powder. Diatomaceous Earth (or D.E. as it’s commonly known) is often used as a natural pesticide.

Don’t worry! We’re not putting chemical pesticides into our products! All natural, non-toxic, with no additives, D.E. is safely used in gardens, stalls, and around barns or homes. It’s sharp, dry molecules suffocates insect eggs/larvae. Once ingested, D.E. can reduce the amount of parasites internally, and may even prevent flies from breeding in manure and reduce the odor.  The digestive system quickly absorbs the silica and other trace minerals in D.E. The extra matter is expelled through urine and feces. 

Benefits of Using Diatomaceous Earth

Because it’s made up of tiny fossilized skeletons, D.E. is rich in calcium, silicon and magnesium. These elements not only support a healthy digestive system, but also gives bones and hooves an extra boost! Users also report healthier, better looking coats and manes. That’s why we’ve included it in the Foundation Daily Detox! (To learn more about the Foundation Daily Detox, check out this blog) D.E. supports the gut by expelling parasites, helps muscles and joints by adding calcium and magnesium, and even cuts back on odors and insects in the barn! We absolutely think that the health benefits outweigh the small risk of adding D.E. to our products. We hope that you do too. 

Minimal to Zero Risk

There is no matter buildup in using D.E.. The biggest risk involved in using D.E. is lung irritation if inhaled. As we mentioned above, it is a very fine powder that can accidentally be inhaled and cause irritation and coughing in both horses and humans. That won’t be a concern using Animal Element products because we have already mixed the D.E. into our supplements for you! You can wear a mask and add the supplement to your horse’s feed outside or in a well ventilated room, to reduce that risk. In all the years we’ve used D.E., we have never had a customer complain of any side effects from our D.E. products, it’s just that safe! 

Our Best Selling Supplement Has D.E. as a Main Ingredient

So if you’re ready to see:

-a decrease in parasites and insects in and around your horse
-healthier looking coat and mane
-stronger, shinier hooves
-more mobility in joints
-increase in overall health and stamina
-a healthier, happier horse

Then we suggest you order our D.E. containing product Foundation Daily Detox, here

FDD will flush out all the harmful toxins DAILY from your horse’s system, increasing their circulation, digestion, performance, and joint health. If they feel better, they look better. And if they feel and look better, their attitude will improve too! The change you see in your horse’s physical appearance, AND their behavior in just a few short weeks of using Foundation Daily Detox will amaze you. Order now on our website or contact your local Animal Element dealer here.

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