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Meet Anna Barker: Barrel Racer, Rope Horse Trainer, and AE Enthusiast

Last updated on October 12, 2023

Anna Barker standing in a field, surrounded by 4 horses and ponies

Never one to not give her horses what they needed to succeed, Anna Barker was known to have an entire table of every supplement you could imagine for every issue a horse could have. A 1D barrel racer, rope horse trainer, and children’s riding instructor, she wants her horses to look good and have sound minds. And with over 40 head of horses and ponies on her Weatherford, Texas property: that’s a big undertaking! So Anna tried almost every supplement on the market, mixing them and trying to find the perfect formula for her horses’ needs.

One day a friend, Jamie Kyle, encouraged Anna to try Animal Element’s Foundation Daily Detox to cut back on her extensive supplement regime. Curious, but doubtful, Anna gave Foundation Daily Detox faithfully to just one horse and within a month there was a HUGE difference in his weight, coat, and mind. She was a believer.  As she started sharing before and after photos of her horses, Animal Element reached out to Anna and asked if she wanted to become an Animal Element dealer. Loving what Foundation Daily Detox did for her horses’ guts, mind, and feet (while being ALL-NATURAL) she didn’t hesitate to become a licensed dealer. 

Mardi’s Transformation

One of Anna’s favorite “before and after” stories is Mardi’s story. He was a gelding that she bought to hopefully rehab and sell because he was bucking people off and having all sorts of behavior issues. He was shaggy, underweight and just didn’t look healthy, and it was obvious he didn’t FEEL healthy either. Anna immediately put him on Foundation Daily Detox and in less than three weeks there was a noticeable difference in his coat appearance and his appetite came back.

Seeing promising improvement, Anna added in NuTrack Digestive Support to help boost his gut health. These two supplements changed Mardi “completely from the inside out” according to Anna. Within sixty days, he quit bucking altogether, gained several hundred pounds of weight back, and his coat regained its luster. She now says he’s “fat, shiny and pretty” and completely unrecognizable from where he started. In fact he’s so healthy and good  minded, Mardi is now a consistent 1D barrel horse!

Reasons Anna Barker uses In The Zone calming paste, with a photo of a horse

Looking back, Anna Barker is almost positive Mardi had a severe case of ulcers that hadn’t been treated consistently or properly. She suspects that being in so much pain caused his bad behaviors, and his unhealthy gut affected his coat and appetite. Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack helped restore gut health and optimized his whole digestive system to its healthiest condition, all thanks to their nutrient-rich, all natural ingredients formulated especially for equine gut health. 

(To learn more about the ingredients we use, and WHY we use them, check out the ingredients page on our website!)

A Streamlined Supplement Program

Anna Barker on a barrel horse, with text explaining why she uses In The Zone calming paste

Today, just a few, very cost effective, key supplements from Animal Element have replaced Anna’s table full of expensive supplements. All of the horses on her property- personal and client- get Foundation Daily Detox on their oats, with alfalfa and timothy hay. She uses Cissus Quandrangularis and NuTrack Digestive Support for her performance horses to keep them in tip top shape, and In The Zone calming paste for any horse that might need it.

Anna and her partner, Brayden Wiesen (who trains futurity rope horses), immediately give In the Zone paste to new colts as soon as they arrive to their facility. Not only does this help them drink enough water, but it helps keep them calm so they can adjust to their surroundings and be in their right mind to start their training. “They’re able to take in so much of what we’re teaching them, while on this,” Anna says.  “And you don’t feel bad about using it, because it’s good for their bellies!” 

Animal Element Gives Anna Barker Peace of Mind

Anna spends a big part of her evening giving riding lessons, so it’s a relief knowing that her horses are in a calm state of mind, and feeling their best. Because they get Foundation Daily Detox, she knows they’re not developing ulcers after little kids have spent hours pulling them in every direction while they learn how to ride. Her horses’ minds are right, and they’re not prancing around, sweaty and stressed. And even though she buys the twenty-five pound bucket of Foundation Daily Detox and boxes of In The Zone paste, she still says Animal Element is affordable, ESPECIALLY for the quality you’re getting!

If you’re curious about aaaallll the things Anna Barker does in the equine world, check out her business, Triple Deuce Equine LLC. To order your Animal Element supplements and see your horses overall health improve within just a few weeks, head to the shop page!

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