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5 Thoughtful Gifts for the Horse Lover in Your Life for This Holiday Season

Last updated on February 28, 2024

5 Thoughtful Gifts for the Horse Lover in Your Life for This Holiday Season


Ahhh Christmas! The time when we love to not only eat yummy treats and spend extra time with family and friends, but most of all celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And with that, most of us embrace a tradition of giving gifts. 

But what do buy as a gift for the horse lover who truly enjoys their horses more than most people and would gladly forego new clothes and fancy fingernails to have the latest gadget for horses?

Have no fear! We’ve put together a list of five gift ideas for the horse lover in your life.

Gifts for the Horse Lover They’re Sure to Appreciate

1. Therapeutic Gear.

  • If the horse lover in your life is anything like we are, chances are that they plan on owning horses for many years to come. And with that comes the desire to take great care of ALL the horses forever.
  • While trips to equine therapy practitioners can have great benefits, it’s often the daily and weekly therapies that can really make an impact on the longevity of the animal. Purchasing some therapeutic gear to keep and use regularly will pay off in the long run.
  • Budget tip: you can often find some of this gear gently used but still in great condition for less than half of the retail price. Make sure to do your research first and understand warranties and the longevity of the product.

2. A Gift Certificate to Their Favorite Clinician.

  • Although we truly believe that there are certainly times to hire professionals to train your horses, there is so much value to learning more for yourself as well.
  • While you probably won’t turn into the next Ray Hunt after a weekend watching Ol Buck, chances are that you’ll learn a few tricks. After investing time and money in a clinic, you may even find a whole new approach to training!

3. High-Quality Supplements

  • We know that this may seem like a “boring” present to you if you’re not an avid horseman, but if your loved one is as obsessed with horses as some of us are, they will greatly appreciate getting stocked up on some of their favorite Animal Element supplements! Foundation Daily Detox, NuTrack Digestive Support, and In The Zone Calming Paste are some of the most popular ones to keep on hand and make great gifts for the horse lover! Shop for them here.
  • Budget Tip: purchasing in bulk can stretch your budget as well. The 25lb. size of FDD breaks down to $1.02 per oz!

4. A Subscription for Continuing Education.

  • More trainers and horsemanship experts are embracing the age of digital learning and online content. This means we have access to more and more amazing experts! For often as little as $5-$10/month, you can learn from the leaders in your industry!

5. Custom Tack.

  • This one requires a little more forethought and planning as you find and place an order with a maker that you like. But many horse owners have custom halters, belts, saddle pads, rope cans, purses, and Bible covers that they use and enjoy for years! Definitely worth it in our opinion.
  • Not only will they think of you every time they use it, but chances are it will make their trip to the barn just a little bit more special.

Don’t Stress Over Finding Gifts for the Horse Lover in Your Life


There! We hope that helps take the guesswork out of what to buy your horse-obsessed person. Or better yet…what to suggest for people to buy for YOU! We at Animal Element want to wish you and your family (people and animals) a very happy and blessed Holiday season. If you find any great Christmas deals, be sure to share them with all the other AE lovers on the Facebook page!