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Little Horse, Big Heart and How Animal Element Plays a Part in Goldie’s Story

Last updated on February 28, 2024

Little Horse, Big Heart and How Animal Element Plays a Part in Goldie’s Story


Diane and Larry Moschera have been using Animal Element for about 7 or 8 years now and have LOVED seeing all the transformations. (Read about how FDD helped Diane’s barrel horse, Pete here.) Their own horses are fed Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack Digestive Support daily, and about 80% of their boarders are on this power duo as well. Depending on their horses’ needs, the Moscheras also use other AE products as well. Cissus Quadrangularis and Mineral 201 are some of their favorites. One of their most loved stories about how Animal Element helps horses get to their best health is about a little gelding named Goldie. 

Goldie’s Journey with Animal Element


Goldie is a 14.3 hands gelding with a kind of “murky breeding”, but with the “biggest heart on earth” according to Diane. He was brought to Larry about 27 years ago as a 2-year-old to be broke. Their son used him as his 4H horse all through middle and high school. Once he went off to college Diane took Goldie on as a barrel and pole horse. At the age of 20, he was one of the first of the Moschera horses to be put on Animal Element. 

Goldie has been a solid 2 or 3D horse, earning the nickname “Gas Money” because as Diane says “he always, always wins a check! It might be in 3D, but he always gets me gas money.” Even in old age, Goldie has been a low-maintenance horse, never having a major injury or needing injections. He gets his annual vaccines and deworming 4 times a year, but that’s about the extent of his veterinarian care. 

Animal Element Helped Keep His Joints Healthy

A few years ago, Diane noticed a change in his barrel pattern. He is usually pretty “slingshotty” coming off the 3rd barrel, but was suddenly stepping off of it. Concerned that there might be something going on, Diane took him to the vet for a lameness check. After taking x-rays of all the major joints, the vet asked Larry & Diane how old Goldie was. When Larry told him he was 26 years old, the vet had to check Goldie’s teeth to believe it! “I wish I had 5-year-olds with joints like this,” their vet said. “Look at these joints! They are CLEAN!”


Diane knows that the years of being on FDD and NuTrack kept inflammation down, and arthritis at bay in Goldie’s joints. “You get their digestive system balanced,” Diane says, “and everything that horse eats will be more productively used. I’m completely sold on that combo product!” The vet didn’t find any serious issues, and Diane agreed to hock injections just for peace of mind. In fact, Goldie is STILL racing at 29 years old, but only when he wants to. “Here’s the deal: if he doesn’t want to get on the trailer, we don’t make him,” Diane laughs. “And he’s only ever not wanted to go once.”

Good Luck Diane and Goldie!

We love hearing about elderly horses living it up and competing their hearts out! We wish Goldie and Diane many more gas money checks from their barrel racing trips. If you’re curious about how Animal Element can add longevity to your horse’s joints, feel free to contact Mark (509-301-1798). You can also search our website for a local dealer near you. If you’re in Middle Tennessee and are looking for boarding or lessons, check out Diane and Larry’s facility at