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Meet the Moscheras and Learn WHY They’re Devoted Users of AE Horse Supplements

Last updated on January 4, 2024

Meet the Moscheras and Learn WHY They’re Devoted Users of AE Horse Supplements

Diane Moschera, AE dealer, barrel racer, and pole bender, is a long-time user of Animal Element horse supplements. She and her husband Larry, have faithfully used AE products for about seven years now. Diane and Larry own a boarding facility in Middle, Tennessee and have about 50 horses on their property: boarders and personal. All of their own horses are on Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack Digestive Support, and they estimate that about 80% of their boarding horses are also on that combination!

The Horse That Started It All

Diane’s faithful barrel horse Pete (registered name True and Bold) had constant issues with his back, and no amount of injections in his S.I. joint seemed to help. The vet tried everything he could think of, and they still couldn’t get Pete’s back sound. A friend came down to visit and told Diane that his loin was probably full of toxins, and she needed to detox him ASAP. 

Curious, Diane started researching and stumbled upon Animal Element. After starting Pete on Foundation Daily Detox, they were able to get his inflammation under control and get him feeling better! They went from giving injections every 6 months to injections once a year, and eventually went even longer between injections to only on an as-needed basis! Pete is now 19 years old and still “tearing it up” according to Diane. After seeing Pete’s transformation, Diane was hooked and started faithfully using AE products and eventually became a dealer. “They’re so reasonably priced that all of our horses have been on Animal Element for years and years,” Diane says. “And you don’t have to grain them as hard!”

(For more on WHY detox is important, read this blog.)

Powerhouse Combo of Horse Supplements

Over the years, Diane has learned to never sell Foundation Daily Detox without NuTrack Digestive Support. While she knows that FDD will work on its own, she also knows that NuTrack absolutely transforms a horse when used in conjunction with FDD. “You get their digestive system balanced,” Diane says, “and everything that horse eats will be more productively used. I’m completely sold on that combo product!” 

Her husband Larry, a team roper, agrees. “You can ride up to our field, and I don’t even have to point it out. You can say, ‘alright, that horse doesn’t look like that horse. That horse is on it, that one isn’t.’” It’s a night and day difference between the horses that are on Animal Element and the horses that are not. Even their “geriatric ward” (as Diane affectionately calls their elder horses) looks good. They keep a great body condition, shiny coats, and are just all around healthy and happy. 

(We talk about more benefits of FDD and NuTrack together in this blog.)

More Than Just FDD and NuTrack

Besides FDD and NuTrack, Diane and Larry have several other horse supplements that they use regularly. Mineral 201 in the summer to help with hydration and fly control, and Mare-Aculous for a gelding who sometimes acts “silly” like stud. “It’s supposed to be for mares, but we’re using it on a 24-year-old gelding,” Larry laughs. “I guess it helps the hormones calm down so he acts right.” The Moscheras also use Cissus Quadrangularis to help horses with ligament and tendon issues. They’ve noticed that it helps reduce recovery time. In fact, they had a horse with a torn suspensory on the left front leg, and within 3 months, the vet had cleared him for light exercise and the AquaTred. Usually, that type of injury takes around 6 months to get up to that point of recovery, but Diane attributes using Cissus to the quicker turnaround.

Ready to See the Results?

If you are ready to see how Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack transform your horse, give us a call today at 877-338-6977. We are running a special right now on our FDD and NuTrack bundles! You can head to our website to check it out. While there, feel free to read the blog, and find an authorized dealer closest to you! Diane and Larry also invite you to check out their facility at Don’t forget to send us those before and after photos!

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