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Veteran Nurse Uses All-Natural Animal Element to Keep a Healthy Horse

Veteran Nurse Uses All-Natural Animal Element to Keep a Healthy Horse

Jessica Wharton, a barrel racer out of Washington State, has long preferred the natural approach to maintaining a healthy horse.  She’s been a nurse for 13 years and knows how critical it is to treat the whole body, and not just the symptoms in humans. So she also applies that approach to her two horses: her barrel horse, a 9-year-old gelding affectionately called Gator, and her daughter’s pony, Nacho. Her beliefs line up perfectly with Animal Element, and she’s been using our products for the better part of 5 years now. 


A Holistic Approach with FDD

The all-natural ingredients are what initially drew Jessica to try Animal Element. She could clearly read, and recognize, the ingredient list and knew there were no chemicals or artificial dyes and flavors. Coming from a medical background, she was interested in the detox aspect and started Gator (registered name KG Need for Speed) on Foundation Daily Detox. Within a few weeks, she could see a major difference in his muscling and his demeanor. His muscle definition became more refined and smooth with no fascia lines, and he was laser-focused.


Along with an increase in muscle, his stamina also drastically increased. After 10 or 15 minutes on a long trot, he’s barely winded! In fact, Jessica thinks she’s more worn out than he is after a big push like that! As time went on, she noticed that Gator wasn’t as easily frazzled during stressful situations and was quicker to calm back down when he did become stressed. She knows this is all thanks to the FDD because when a horse’s gut health is optimal, their behaviors become better too. A healthy horse = a happy horse!

When she saw what Foundation Daily Detox was doing for Gator, Jessica put the pony, Nacho, on it, too. His personality really started to shine shortly after starting on FDD. “He’s a spicy Nacho now,” Jessica laughs, “and I know it’s because he feels GOOD!” Even though Nacho had refused all other supplements in the past, he gladly eats his Animal Element supplements without a complaint.

Get a Healthy Horse with Animal Element


Gator has been prone to mild ulcers in the spring, and Jessica used to spend upwards of $1,200 for a 28-day treatment cycle of Ulcer Guard every spring. But knowing that this medication can cause osteoporosis after extended use, she started looking for healthier treatment options. About 3 months ago, she started giving Gator NuTrack Digestive Support along with his FDD in hopes it would stave off his annual bout with ulcers- and the expensive ulcer medication. Lo and behold, he scoped clean in his most recent scope after only 3 months on NuTrack! “There are so many products on the market that actually block the body,” Jessica says. “But I feel like the FDD and NuTrack balance their health for them.” 

In the Zone Calming Paste also makes an appearance in Jessica’s barn when she has to haul Gator to a race. She likes that it doesn’t have any artificial colors or flavors in it. And even though ITZ is chemical-free it is EFFECTIVE in helping him be calm and in the zone. 

FDD Works With Other Alternative Therapies

In addition to working as a nurse, Jessica runs a business called Revival Equine that uses detoxing to help horses reach their best health. She uses an Acuscope machine to electrically activate cells to get them to flush waste from the body. She places a positively charged “plate” and a negatively charged plate on the area that needs attention. Problem areas usually include the stifle, spine, lungs, or knees. It’s been used for years to heal from injuries, and Jessica has noticed that horses on FDD are able to release toxins much easier than horses not on FDD.

In fact, she has noticed a visible difference in the amount of toxins that her machine will pull out of a horse on FDD compared to one that is not.  She thinks this is because the Foundation Daily Detox is flushing the toxic waste internally, while the Acuscope pulls the toxins out externally. The supplement and the machine work together perfectly to get a balanced and healthy horse, inside and out. “Balance the body, and they function so much better,” she says.

A Natural Way to a Healthy Horse

As a veteran in the medical field, Jessica knows that gut health and diet are the first things you need to focus on when trying to improve your health. She doesn’t think horses are any different. “Horses eat what they need,” she explains, “that’s why they eat like bark or dirt because they’re missing something. But if you simplify their feed program, they stop eating dirt.” Jessica loves that Animal Element is all-natural, with no fillers, and has a BIG focus on gut health. She’s seen the improvements in her horse and pony and is eager for her clients to see the difference in their horses too. 

To order your FDD and NuTrack, head straight to our website or contact your local dealer. If you’re curious about becoming your area’s authorized dealer, reach out to Mark Kaylor at (509) 301-1798.

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