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3 Ways Fenugreek for Horses Can Improve Their Overall Health

Last updated on March 6, 2024

3 Ways Fenugreek for Horses Can Improve Their Overall Health


If you are like most horse owners, you probably have not had the thought “I hope my horse has gotten enough fenugreek today.” We get it. It’s not something that a lot of horse owners think about. However, fenugreek for hoses can be an extremely beneficial ingredient- one that we include in multiple supplements. And we think, that once you learn about this powerful herb, you’ll be even more excited that your horse gets their daily dose of it in their Animal Element supplements. 

This common herb, fenugreek, originates in the Mediterranean (its Latin name Trigonella foenum-graecum means “Greek hay”) and is widely used for cooking and in reproductive and lactation teas for humans. But did you know that fenugreek for horses can have numerous health benefits besides helping a broodmare lactate? No, really it’s true! Read on to learn three of the most common uses of fenugreek in the equine world.

Common Uses of Fenugreek for Horses

Improve Gut Health

  • As we all know- good health starts in the gut- for horses AND people. Fenugreek for horses can help their digestive system in a few ways. It contains a lot of high-soluble fiber, which allows food to be digested easier. A horse with an upset stomach struggling with bloating and gas is uncomfortable and often downright cranky. This is where fenugreek for horses also comes in handy. Because it aids in digestion, it reduces bloating and gas. Happy gut = happy horse!
  • Fenugreek has high mucilage properties that coat the stomach and intestinal lining, reducing inflammation and ulcer symptoms.
  • Some studies have even shown that fenugreek can be an alternative treatment for parasitic infections in animals (and humans). [2]

To Flavor Unpalatable Feeds

  • There’s no denying that some horses are super picky about their feeds, especially high-fiber ones. And there is also no denying that sometimes super healthy things can be a little bit unpalatable- think back to all those times you tried to skip broccoli when you were a kid. Sometimes ingredients in horse supplements are less than tasty to a horse accustomed to a high molasses feed.
  • Several studies have shown that the bittersweet taste of fenugreek is a favorite of horses, and sprinkling some fenugreek powder on their feed can get them to eat it!
  • If you already use Animal Element, you won’t need to purchase fenugreek powder. We have added it to many of our supplements including Foundation Daily Detox, MareAculous, In the Zone Calming Paste, Product X Performance Enhancer, and Finish 1st Advanced Joint Supplement.
  • A super healthy supplement or feed will do you no good if your horse won’t eat it! Incorporating fenugreek into their feed will ensure that your picky horse will eat every last morsel and get all the intended benefits. In fact, many customers report that their horses “lick their feed tub clean” with these supplements!

Added Vitamins & Nutrients

  • Fenugreek is rich in protein (builds muscle and bone), easily digestible iron (carries oxygen in the blood), Vitamin C (strengthens the immune system & fights free radicals), potassium (helps with muscle contraction and hydration), niacin (a B vitamin that turns food to energy), and L-tryptophan (helps create protein and serotonin). [1]
  • All of these nutrients contribute to a robust immune system, balanced mood, and increased fertility in both stallions and mares.
  • The leaves can also be made into a poultice and used for healing wounds and skin issues like rashes or eczema.
  • Because of its high protein, fenugreek helps build muscles and keep on weight.

Fenugreek for Horses is an All-Around Health Boost

While fenugreek is most commonly used to aid in lactation or make feed taste better, it has several more health benefits. This herb is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help everything from digestion to allergies and beyond! That’s the number one reason we added it to several of our best-selling supplements. To order any of the above mentioned supplements, head on over to our website. If you’re interested in becoming an authorized Animal Element dealer, please reach out to Mark Kaylor at 509-301-1798.

All content is intended for informational purposes only. Please consult with your veterinarian. Proudly written for Animal Element by the team at


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