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Needing a Vitamin Rich Supplement? Try Red Raspberry Leaves for Horses!

Last updated on February 28, 2024

Needing a Vitamin Rich Supplement? Try Red Raspberry Leaves for Horses!


If you are familiar with the human health world, you may have heard of pregnant women drinking red raspberry leaf tea during the last trimester to prepare for labor and birth. For centuries humans have used the leaves of raspberries to aid in fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth, and regulate hormones. But did you know that red raspberry leaves for horses can give them the same benefits?

Many supplements marketed for mares contain red raspberry leaf, to soothe aggression and discomfort during heat cycles, and to support breeding and pregnancy. But because of the numerous health benefits outside of reproduction, red raspberry leaves are a useful supplement for any horse- not just broodmares. 

Red Raspberry Leaves Are a Nutrient Powerhouse

  • These leaves are chocked full of vitamins: namely Vitamins B, C, and E, which are known immune boosters. 
  • They also contain important minerals such as magnesium, zinc, potassium, and calcium that are needed for muscle and bone health.
  • Because they are so rich in tannins and flavonoids, raspberry leaves are powerful antioxidants that protect against damage-causing cells called “free radicals.” They also have strong anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties.

Red Raspberry Leaves for Horses Can Be Hormone-Balancing

  • Red raspberry leaf is a common aid for “moody mares” because it balances hormones, thus easing the crankiness some mares get during their heat cycle. 
  • It is believed to ease physical and emotional symptoms in a few ways:
    • by the B6 vitamin binding to the hormone receptors for estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone and getting them back into check. 
    • by easing inflammation in the ovaries, thus relieving the pain and pressure of ovulation
    • by toning the muscles in the uterine wall, reducing cramping
  • If a mare feels better physically during estrus, she’s (generally) less inclined to be cranky and aggressive. And who can blame her, right?
  • The increased blood flow to the uterus and the toning of the muscles in the uterine wall are also beneficial to healthy gestation and foaling. Keep in mind it’s best to not give straight red raspberry leaves to a mare until she is further along in her pregnancy. As always, please consult with your veterinarian. 

They Can Be a Great Digestive Aid

  • Because of the leaves’ anti-inflammatory properties, red raspberry is often used to soothe digestive issues. As mentioned above, the leaves also increase blood flow, so they can help get a sluggish digestive system moving along, as well as calm nausea. 

A Beneficial Supplement for ALL Your Horses-Not Just the Mares


Yes, red raspberry leaves for horses are commonly thought of as a mare supplement and obviously have numerous perks for the female reproductive system. But geldings and stallions can also benefit from having red raspberry leaves in their diet. The antioxidant punch alone is worth it, not to mention the toning effect it has on muscles, and its anti-inflammatory properties. And heck, male horses have hormones too! You can purchase straight red raspberry leaves from our website, or try them in our best-selling Foundation Daily Detox and In the Zone Calming Paste

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