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Having Horse Health Problems Due to Changing Weather? Here are 4 Easy Prevention Tips

Last updated on February 28, 2024

Having Horse Health Problems Due to Changing Weather? Here are 4 Easy Prevention Tips


Last week, we talked about the signs that weather changes are causing horse health problems (if you missed it, click this link and give it a read). So this week we are going to give you a few things to do to try to help prevent any health issues from arising as the seasons change. We can’t control the weather or seasons, so here are some tried and true ways of helping your horse ease into the autumn and winter months. 

4 Ways to Prevent Horse Health Problems in a New Season

1. Start paying attention to your horse’s habits and daily rhythms BEFORE a big weather change.

If you already know your horse’s healthy baseline, then it’s much easier to determine if something is “off”. Recognizing it quickly can help prevent serious health issues from arising. 


While we realize that it is probably unrealistic to just pull a Monty Roberts and watch horses and journal their behavior all day for weeks and months on end, there is a lot of value in tracking some of your horse’s daily rhythms.

Do they typically drink ____ number of gallons of water per day? Clean up their grain right away, leave a little bit of hay? Run around their pen when you first come out? Even noticing the subtlest of differences can help you recognize and fix a small problem before it becomes a large issue.

2. Establish a feeding program and supplement regimen that promotes good gut health year-round.

High-fiber, low-starch diets are ideal for all horses, regardless of their workload or exercise schedule. High-quality supplements like Animal Element can support their gut, immune system, joints, or any other issue specific to that horse. Shop our website to see what might benefit your horse (Hint: it’s Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack Digestive Support)

3. Give your horses free choice hay or pasture.

Horses’ guts are made to be active all the time. However, not having any feedstuff to “work on” and break down doesn’t stop their stomach from producing digestive acids. Instead, it can lead to ulcers and compromised gut health, as well as other horse health problems. If pasture isn’t an option, having hay available throughout the day is the next best thing. 

(Read this blog to learn more about the horse’s digestive system)

4. Have gut-settling supplements on hand just in case.

There’s not much worse than desperately needing a supplement or medicine for your horses, but it’s 10:30 on a Sunday. So not only are all the stores closed, but the closest good horse vet is an hour and a half away! Ask me how I know. (Thankfully, good friends who also love horses were better prepared than we were.) But trust us when we say, it’s much easier on everyone and much less stressful to stay stocked up on the “just in case” things as well as the “use regularly” supplements. 


NuTrack Digestive Support is definitely one of the “use regularly” supplements we would suggest. It contains 14 amino acids and 7 vital minerals to promote a healthy gut and keep the digestive system working properly. With a healthy gut, the horse can absorb ALL the nutrients from his feedstuff, thus boosting the immune system and staying healthy. For more information on how NuTrack works, read this blog from earlier in the year. 

In the Zone Calming Paste can be both a regular and an as-needed supplement. It’s made with soothing ingredients that coat the lining of the stomach, promoting a calm gut and soothing nervous behavior. It can be given during travel, before competitions, during stressful situations or anytime your horse is (or will be) feeling anxious. You can read about how ITZ Paste transformed a hot racehorse here.

Don’t Fear Weather Changes!

While it would be nice to be able to control the weather so your horse stays comfortable and healthy, it is out of our hands. The seasons are going to change, the temperature is gonna drop, and humans and horses alike will face some health challenges because of it. But it doesn’t have to be a dramatic struggle!  As long as you pay attention to your horse’s behavior and routine, keep their gut healthy, offer hay or forage 24/7, and stock up on supplements and meds, the changing of seasons should go a little smoother. If your horse isn’t on NuTrack Digestive Support, we recommend starting that NOW! If you have any questions about which supplement would be right for your horse, please feel free to reach out to us! In fact, we encourage you to call Mark Kaylor directly at 509-301-1798 with any questions, concerns, or testimonials! Happy Fall y’all!

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