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Kelp for Horses- The Surprising Ingredient for Improved Equine Health

Last updated on October 4, 2023

Kelp for horses might seem like a weird, new age thing on the supplement market, but it is an often forgotten nutrient powerhouse found to improve equine health. In fact, Ancient Romans fed their horses kelp as a vitamin and mineral supplement. [1] According to Innovative Veterinary Care, “Seaweeds have been an important component of mammalian diets throughout evolutionary history. They provided the one sure way for humans to avoid the goiter and cretinism caused by iodine deficiency – and they have proven useful for companion animal health as well.” [2]

Why Kelp for Horses?

Because they are marine plants, kelp absorbs nutrients from all of the various resources living in the ocean instead of just from the soil like earthbound plants. They use their fronds (the leafy parts) to absorb nutrients, allowing a large amount of minerals and other nutrients to be collected. Certified organic kelp is evaluated and held to high quality standards, just like any other organic food source. Generally kelp that is certified organic is grown and harvested in remote locations with clean water, and harvested and dried quickly to preserve nutrients. [3]

Thanks to the salty seawater, kelp is high in iodine which is necessary for proper thyroid function. The thyroid regulates every process in the body, from the metabolic system to basic organ function. If the thyroid is under-active, the body will operate at a slower than typical speed. If the thyroid is overactive, all processes in the body will work at a faster than normal rate. Making sure your horse has the proper amount of iodine in their diet is key to keeping all their internal parts and systems working properly. [4]

Health Benefits for All

Aside from iodine, kelp also contains vital trace minerals within their fronds that helps boost the immune system, improve cognitive function, and improve coat and hoof condition. That’s why we’ve included organic kelp powder into our Foundation Daily Detox and All Creatures Foundation Daily Detox. Offering your animals the highest quality of nutrient dense all-natural ingredients helps to prevent serious health issues and keep them performing and feeling their best. Kelp is a great resource of trace minerals, iodine, and vitamins like K, A, C and B-12. FDD gently flushes the system daily of any toxins which prevents buildup, and offers nutrients and vitamins to keep the body running properly. This not only improves digestive and bone health, but allows better nutrient absorption from food, sharper cognitive function and calmer behaviors. 

(Read this blog to learn more about the importance of horse detoxing.) 

Horses aren’t the only animals that benefit from daily detoxing, so we also offer All Creatures Foundation Daily Detox for your cats and dogs! They will have better joint and digestive health, silkier coats, and more energy thanks to the powerhouse herbs and minerals in the FDD. To read more about the ingredients used in EVERY one of our products, head to the ingredients page on our website. You can also order Foundation Daily Detox, find a dealer local to you, and read testimonials and blogs all on our website! 

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