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How Shari Kennedy Got Started on Animal Element Supplements

Last updated on October 4, 2023

How Shari Kennedy Got Started on Animal Element Supplements

Shari Kennedy has been an Animal Element dealer for 8 years now, but admittedly didn’t really know how proper supplements could help a horse before getting introduced to Animal Element supplements. Back in 2013, Shari was just starting to dip her toes into the supplement world. She tried a few joint supplements off the Tractor Supply shelves here and there, but wondered if they actually worked at all.

She had a horse that was extremely hot coming into the arena. In fact he was so hot she called him a “fire breathing dragon.” Nothing seemed to really help calm him, so she decided to reach out to someone she had met on Facebook that had given her a pamphlet about Animal Element’s In The Zone calming paste. She noticed it worked right away but thought maybe it was just a fluke. So she kept trying it, and again and again was astounded by its effectiveness. “I could SEE it work,” Shari recalls. 

An Eye Opener

After the In The Zone success, Shari put another horse who was struggling with its topline on Foundation Daily Detox. Almost immediately, she noticed that his overall appearance improved, and he went from “could look better” to “wow, he looks great!” Once she got her horse looking how she wanted, Shari made the rookie mistake of taking him OFF the Foundation Daily Detox. Within a month, he was back to looking not so great and not as calm as he had been. “That was the eye-opener,” Shari says, “when I QUIT feeding it.”

From then on, Shari was hooked and in 2015 contacted Animal Element to become a dealer. Now not only do all 8 of the Kennedys’ personal horses get fed Foundation Daily Detox and NuTrack, but all of her husband’s client horses do as well.

Animal Element Supplements a Key Component to the Kennedy’s Feeding Program

“Every horse my husband takes in [gets Animal Element supplements], we really pride ourselves on the condition we send them home in,” Shari says. “We do NOT want to send home a skinny horse….every horse that comes in gets Foundation Daily Detox and Nutrack.”

This also helps reduce any digestive issues that may arise when a horse is in a new environment and undergoing training. 

Shari and Will believe strongly in a high-forage diet, so all of their horses are free-fed alfalfa along with their grain and Animal Element supplements. Shari has noticed that when given FDD and NuTrack, her horses don’t need as much grain. She attributes this to healthy digestive systems that are utilizing all the nutrients properly. This allows the horses to gain/keep weight without needing extra grain. Because she’s feeding less grain, this evens out the cost of the supplements.

Shari Utilizes a Wide Variety of Supplements

All of Shari’s competition horses also receive Animal Element’s magnesium citrate supplement along with their FDD and NuTrack. Magnesium helps take the edge off of anxious and overly reactive horses. It’s also super important in muscle recovery as it helps with lactic acid and allows the body to utilize proteins. In The Zone calming paste is still a staple when she’s competing too, just to keep them calm and focused before entering the arena.

She also has Immune Key and MareAculous in her arsenal for a few horses that need extra help. They currently have 2 horses with asthma and other breathing issues. Shari’s seen a huge improvement in their breathing on Immune Key. Her husband’s mare cycles hard and is naturally a nervous horse, so she’s on MareAculuos to keep her more comfortable and calmer during her heat cycle.

An Animal Element Believer

Since 2013, Shari has learned a lot about supplements on how EFFECTIVE the proper ones can be. She trusts Animal Element to help all the horses on her property reach and attain their best health possible. To get started on your Animal Element journey, order directly from our shop page or find the closest dealer to you on our website.

We’d love to hear YOUR Animal Element stories and what product got you to say “Wow! This is a game changer!” Contact us with your story, and you might get featured on our blog! For more information on the Kennedys’ program, visit their Facebook page Lazy Y Cross Performance Horses.

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